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MCPW has been providing water to the surrounding area for nearly 100 years.  Our raw water is provided by Lake Thurmond, a 71,100 acre impound of the Savannah, Broad, and Little Rivers.  The water is processed at our 2.7 MGD water treatment facility before being sent out through our distribution system to retail and wholesale customers.  Our water system consistently meets or exceeds water drinking standards and our professional team monitors the system to ensure we are delivering clean water to our community.    


South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) regulations require that every public water system institute and manage a cross connection/backflow control program.  A cross connection is any piping arrangement that allows the drinking water supply piping to be connected to a non-potable water source.  Backflow is any undesirable reversal of flow from the intended direction as the result of either: back siphonage (the reversal of flow due to negative piping pressures) or back pressure (the reversal of flow caused by pressure greater than the supply pressure).  Cross connections and backflow are dangerous because they can allow drinking water to become contaminated. 

The cross connection/backflow program at MCPW was created to decrease the risk of contamination to our potable water system.   The policy is available below for you to download.  Please review the policy to ensure you are in compliance and are not in need of a backflow prevention device.  If you have any questions regarding cross connection or backflow prevention, please contact our office at 864-852-2224.

Cross Connection/Backflow Policy


Each year, we prepare a water quality report, detailing what was in our water and how we met or exceeded standards.  The report is available below for your review.

2020 Water Quality Report

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