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Thinking of Adding Solar Energy to Your Home?

Interest in renewable energy sources such as solar has grown in recent years.  McCormick CPW customers that would like to install a Customer Owned Renewable Generation System may do so and seamlessly maintain a connection to the grid.  It should be noted that McCormick CPW does not currently participate in net metering or compensate for energy generated above a customer's load requirement.  


An improperly connected or maintained Renewable Generation system can be dangerous to your home, our employees working on the grid, or the grid equipment itself.  The effect your Renewable Generation Equipment has on the safety of all of the above is your responsibility.  Therefore, it is very important for you to find a reputable system provider and installer.  It is also very important to follow the necessary steps to apply for connection to the grid.  The forms and documents you need to submit to McCormick CPW are linked below.  McCormick CPW is more than happy to work with you, the system provider, and the installer in an effort to provide the safest connection possible. 


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