Raw Water Pump Station

The project at the raw water pump station on Lake Thurmond addressed a serious need with regards to the intake structure at the pump station.  Over time silting around the pump station made it difficult if not impossible to utilize the lowest intake area.  Having this area work properly is especially important when the lake reaches low levels during drought conditions.  This project extended the lowest intake point further out into the channel and made use of an intake screen to help guard against debris entering the raw water pumps.  Although the extension is at the same elevation, extending it further into the channel greatly reduced the effect of silt building back up over time and provides a reliable low elevation draw point.

Water Plant

Due to its constant use, all infrastructure has an associated life expectancy.  Upgrades and rehab projects help extend a structure's useful life.  However, in some cases the state of the structure, its operational capacity, and operational efficiency are no longer adequate.  An expansion or rehab is either not possible physically or not possible due to economics.  The McCormick Commission of Public Work's water plant was originally started in the 1920's.  It has seen several upgrades over the years, most recently in the 1990's.  However, it has reached a point where a simple upgrade or rehab is not an option.  A new plant will address issues with capacity, operating efficiency, energy efficiency, regulations, along with structural concerns.  We understand that a project of this nature raises concerns among our customers due to its cost.  However, this is the best solution going forward that helps provide our customers with clean water for years to come.  

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